Thursday, July 30, 2009

H*O*T - H*O*T - H*O*T

Frankie says:

So, this is a spider that was on our patio not too long ago. Those are little spider babies on its back. Isn't that gross?

It is 114 degrees. That's even too hot for me (Frankie). Usually, I like to lay outside for about 20 minutes no matter how hot it is outside, but today the patio was scorching my paws! I flopped over next to the pool but came back to the door about 20 seconds later.

It was still so hot after it got dark that I didn't even have the energy to chase the crickets on our patio. I'm hoping it cools off soon so I can resume my daily patrols of the perimeter of our yard. You never know when a lizard or spider may be lurking around. The day after we saw that spider above, mommy called the bug guys to spray!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back From Vacation!

Big and Little at the Grand Canyon.
Mommy & Rose at the GC.
Sooo, we're back from a short vacation. Poor little Frankie had to stay at the PetHotel. She was not amused. As usual, she came home and ate and drank a ton, which always makes me sad. They said Frankie was friendly and played with her toys, chewed her bully stick (of course), and seemed to be eating.
We stayed in a little chalet on our trip and I missed Frankie so much I told the boys I'd reward the first one to find me a Dachshund to play with. Of course, there happened to be not one but TWO right next to us! They were very sweet, too. The owners let us come over and hang with the dogs for a little bit each day - we bonded over how owning a dachshund seems to make a person completely batty. ;) Seriously, Frankie is the first dog we've ever had that is mine and I am nuts for her. I wish I could have 10 doxies. My husband keeps telling me that I'm just biding my time till he kicks the bucket so I can surround myself with doxies! lol!
Hope everyone is having a great summer!
Alli (and Frankie Mae)

Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Frankie's Birthday!

Hi! Today's my birthday! I'm 3 years old. Or 21, in dog years. Can I have a glass of wine? :) Today has been fun - my family has been home all day which I love. I got lots of treats and a new stuffed lobster toy that squeaks! I've spent the better part of my day carrying it around and it is f-u-n! I also got a new big pack of bully sticks, which are my favorite! Hope everyone else is having a great day!