Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hottest Day of the Year!

Frankie here. It's supposed to be the hottest day of the year tomorrow. 112-114 degrees! Here's what I'm thinking for tomorrow:

* wake up my mom so I can go outside for my morning constitutional
* lay in the sun
* eat (if there's some chicken broth on my food. If not, whine at dish until mom gets the hint)
* back outside to tan my belly
* come in for a nap
* chew on bully stick. Take Oskie's bully stick.
* outside for some sun
* repeat until sun goes down.

:) xoxo Frankie

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Do you LOOOOVVVEEE my new bag? Oh, they had so many different things: pencil case, hard metal lunch box, pen with feather and dachshund on top, passport cover, luggage tag, ipod case, notebook. . . you KNOW you are dying to find out where this was purchased!!!!!!! The line is called Sausage Dogs.
I am a handbag snob. It's true. However, this is my new handbag. Consider me recovered. I am SO happy with this purchase!!!!!
I am tempted to keep you in suspense. Of course, it would be so fun to have you all run out to this store and then photograph and post your purchases. Hmmmmm. What do to, what to do?
BORDERS BOOKS! Get your butts out there! The sales guy said they will go on sale in a bit but right now it's full price.
I love my dachshund bloggers! :)