Monday, September 6, 2010

Kitties are back!

Yay! The kitties are back! Mama wandered back first and checked out the food situation for a couple of days and we had no idea where the kitties had gone. I looked all over the cul de sac and never saw them. Then, I went to take her food and water out one morning (it's 105-109 here right now, so fresh water is key for the poor things) and the babies were back!

Soupy (Frankie) wants to play with the kitties so badly. I took her to the mail box and she was wagging her tail trying to get over to their bush but I didn't want mom to move them again. Although, they are getting so big, I would like to see her even try to pick one up!

The little black one got stuck in a bush UPSIDE DOWN! He had one paw caught and he was howling so bad. I went out there, shooed mom away, and picked the little ingrate up. He scratched the crap out of me, but his foot seems just fine. Soup was very interested in the meowing!