Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Poor Mommy (but yay for me)!

My poor mommy is sick. She had surgery and was gone all day long! I had to stay home with a sitter and my human brothers and sister (Big, Little, and Rose). It was a LOOOOONG day. When mommy came home the next day she was sleepy - she's been sleeping for a week so I have had a LOT of cuddle and lap time! This is turning in to the best thing ever for me! :) BOL!


apple + chelsea said...

yayz! Cuddle time iz fun!!
I'z love to cuddle with mai mommy.

Hope your mommy feels better soon!

Happy Howlidays

<3 Apple

Lorenza said...

Hi, Frankie!
I hope your mom is doing well now!
Merry Christmas
Kisses and hugs

Raising Addie said...

Frankie, I hope your mom is doing better. Surgery is no fun. My mom had surgery 3 weeks ago. I tried to cuddle with her on her lap but she was not too pleased since I weight 65 pounds.

Please give your mom lots of kisses to make her feel better.


Ruby said...

Hi Frankie
I hope your mom is feeling better.
Surgery hurts.
I like it when mom stays home too. We snuggle on the couch under the fur blanket.
Enjoy the extra time with your mom. Give her a hug from me.
Merry Christmas
Love Ruby

Sarah K. said...

Hopefully your mom is feeling better!

Matilda said...

Hi Frankie!
I hope your mom feels better and you had a wonderful christmas with your family!

Andra said...

Hey Frankie! Hope your mama is feeling better now! IT is a good thing you were there to cuddle her!!
-Luke and Liesel