Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hi, all!

Hi! How is everyone? I have missed a lot lately because my mom hasn't been on the computer. She promises to be better about it - it's just that our house is so crazy right now!

Mom tells me I'm lucky I'm not a person so I don't have to worry about any of it but I don't know what she means, since I'm the same as everyone else in this house! And I know when something is wrong - I circle around mom and follow her closer than usual when she's upset.

We can't wait for the holiday season! It's our favorite time of the year. Mom has been buying some decorations and her closet is filling slowly with bags of mysterious things! This is the time of year it's strictly OFF LIMITS! I can't wait for her to get my stocking out!

Frankie Furter is having people post their adoption stories on Thanksgiving Day. . . I wasn't technically a rescue. My parents (who have since learned better) had to pay for me but I'm going to write about it anyway. They did rescue me from a terrible situation!

love to you all! xoxo Frankie Mae


Lorenza said...

Hi, Frankie!
I think we are lucky dogs! We don't have to do or worry about all the things humans have to do!
I will be waiting to read about your story!
Kisses and hugs

Frankie Furter said...

Hi Frankie Mae, I am soooo glad that you are going to write your Adoption story. I wasn't a rescue either. That's OK because I still got a grrreat family to want me.
I know what you mean about all the "unusual" things going on in our houses right now. It is very exciting even though I get a bit concerned about all the stuff mom and dad are doing.
I know there are pressies for lots of two leggers....... and for ME.

I am sure that Santa Paws will fill your stocking with grrrreat stuff. That is what he does for good little girrrls. hehehe


Hi Frankie,

I was adopted so I will have Mommy tell my story and my brother Jacks.

Love all the pictures with you Mom.
You are so pretty.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Hi Frankie!
It's nice to meet you! That sounds so exciting! I love this time of year too! I get really excited when I realized that the holiday decorations are coming out and mysterious packages start to show up! Have a wonderful day!


Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Frankie
We can't wait to read your adoption story. Even though we already celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada we will still post our stories.
Love Ruby & Peby