Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dog Pound

Oh, dog pound. Why do you torture me so?

I admit, I did tear up shortly after arriving. There are just sooooo many dogs. It's impossible to fathom. And Phoenix has 3 different branches! Some of them were very scared.

We went to look at a wire-haired dachshund who was just precious. She was very sweet - not really timid at all. They had her listed as a "dachshund mix" because she "sort of" looked like a dachshund! lol. Anyway, we found out she was very aggressive w/other dogs so we couldn't get her.

We saw a black and tan little girl (adult, but small - still bigger than Frankie, who is only 7lbs). She had been brought in that day. She was so afraid and extremely underweight. Oh, she was shaking and hiding under her bed thing. No blankets in the pen at all and you could tell she wanted to burrow (and arrange her blankets for 20 minutes like F). She had a "bn hold." I asked what that meant. I was told that was not good at all. But then it turned out she just needed a behavior analysis as she had been brought in that day. Her owner, an elderly woman, came in looking for free food but when they couldn't give her any, turned over the dog.

I'm calling back today to see how her analysis went. I'm trying not to lead w/my heart on this but to think it through (as my heart tugs and breaks - lol). I mean, we have 2 dogs. We move a lot. When we go out of town, it costs a fortune to kennel the dogs as it is. Frankie needs a tooth pulled. There are a hundred reasons why we don't need another dog.

And truth be told, when I forwarded the email to my husband (damn you, Petfinder, for your daily emails!!!!!!!!!!!) I expected a sassy comment from him about how that was "great for Check Spellingsomeone looking for another dog." But, instead it said, "call and see if they still have it." This was for the wire-haired one. We didn't see the black and tan until we got there.

Someone talk some sense into me while I try and remember what the kennel # is.

P.S. Oh my gosh - if anyone is looking for a pit bull, I know where there are 100 to choose from. Easily 75% of the dogs there are pit bulls. I just thought, "you are all doomed." There are so many! Is there even a pit bull rescue group? ALSO, my husband fell in love with an English Bulldog/American Bulldog mix that (thank you Lord) got adopted right after we looked at it.


Frankie Furter said...

All you need to do is ask youself this one... What would Frankie Mae think of the idea????
I know there is enough two legger love to go around. I know that the we sometimes take a lot of green papers or plastic from a budget, but the return on the "investment" offsets that.
In the end... it should always be about what is best for the current furfolks in the family.
I'm just sayin'.

Alli & Frankie said...

Thank you, FF! As always, your wisdom is appreciated. That is so true.


Oh Frankie. I'm sorry you couldn't take the little wirehair. It would have been so nice to get to know a little wire hair...there aren't a lot of us around. Mommy said she would still have my 4 brothers if she hadn't had to have emergency surgery in 2007. Mommy would rather spend money on doggies than herself and that is what love is all about. That poor little black and tan girl shaking and trying to hide just breaks Mommy's heart. My brother Jacks was a tiny black and tan and we hope you get her.

Love ya...Mona

kalyxcorn said...

oh the temptation of it all! is there a local doxie rescue group that can take in pups like this maybe?