Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just too hard to capture!

This is our outdoor kennel. It's nice for Oskie, especially, because when we are gone, he can come out here instead of being inside in the crate.
This is a close up of the reason I posted these pictures! The honeysuckle! It's just starting to bloom and is about to go crazy. Mind you, this is only it's 2nd year! It's taken over and it's so fragrant and wonderful. I think I might hang out in the kennel myself for a while! :)

My favortie thing about Oskie is too hard to capture! I have a picture on my cell phone - I wish I could figure out how to get that picture on to my computer! Until then, I thought I'd show you a picture of Osk that I love. This picture is so funny! He loves to tool around the yard and poke his nose in and around all of the plants.
Did I tell you that he got stung by a scorpion?! Just like poor Frankie last year - remember that? A clever blogger would link that post HERE (pretend it's highlighted), but you're stuck with me, so just try and think back. ;) Anyway, I was making coffee and heard a big YELP and looked over and he was rubbing his nose on the carpet and that scorpion was making a break for it! Of course Frankie was running behind my legs - she remembered and wasn't offering Osk any help at all! :)
I'm still going to try and capture Oskie's little habit. Now I felt I've built it up too much and you'll be disappointed, but I'm also up for the challenge! Almost had it this morning! :)


DoDo and MoMo said...

Kewl honeysuckle! Wonder if we can suck honey out of it?! ^^;

Take care and don't get stung by scorpion again!

Frankie Furter said...

I certainly do remember when Frankie Mae was attacked by that terrible scorpion.
We have wild honeysuckle here. It smells wonderful. I know exactly what you mean about wanting to stay out to enjoy it.
Can't wait to see this grrreat move. You are a tease.

Lorenza said...

Sure it smells so good outside!
That kennel looks like a nice place to stay outside from time to time!
A scorpion?? Ouchie! I hope Oskie is doing well!
Take care
Kisses and hugs


Mommy loves honeysuckle. Her Granny had vines covering the fence next to her garden in the country and Mommy used to sit against the fence and read when she was little. Once I got stung by a bee and my nose got all swollen and it hurt. I feel Oskie's pain!!

Toomorrow is the Spring Fling and I'll be posting lots og pix of all kinds of dachsies and my Tiger and his family are coming. Love is in the air.


kalyxcorn said...

I remember honeysuckle! It does smell wonderful! If you ever want to do a hot link, do this...

the words u wanna make hot

I wonder if that's gonna show.....or be an error of a hotlink...

kalyxcorn said...

ok, it didn't show... but it's left angle thingy then the letter a, space HREF="(the website not in parentheses)" right angle thingy, then the words u wanna hotlink, followed by a close left angle /a right angle thingy...if that makes any sense!