Monday, February 15, 2010

Healing Nicely

Finally, some good news! The dogs seem to be healing nicely. Oscar is still on his antibiotics and all 3 dogs are coughing but usually only first thing in the morning.

Oscar is still tail chasing but he is easily distracted from it and it's only once in a while so I'm letting that go for now. Choosing not to worry about it. Burying my head in the sand, if you will.

We have been home all day today - the 3 kids and I. My husband is out of town. The dogs have been loving this day nearly as much as we have. It's been good to stop the world for a day and just hang out together. Such a blessing.

Oscar has hidden so many toys! It is so funny - I can't even tell you! He gets such a devious look about him, too, when he is searching for a good spot to stash his wares.


Ruby Red Dog said...

That kennel cough doesn't sound like much fun. I'm glad you are all on the mend. Seems like all kinds of things have been happening since I've been away from blogland. It's going to take me a while to catch up on all your news.


Hi Frankie,

That's great news about Oscar! we know you all were very concerned him.
Bless his little heart!

Riley and Star.

Frankie Furter said...

Hi Frankie Mae and Oscar. Kennel cough does take a long time to recover totally from. AND... some smart Dawgs discover that the coughing gets them some extra attention so... they will continue to cough long past the point of cure!! I'm just sayin'.
You asked what a Furmanator is. It is the very bestest thingy. Mom brushes me very good then runs the furmanator and it SHEDS me!!! I love it!! I got one for Sarge and he likes it better than just brushing. Mom always ends up with a pile of MINI ME when she finishes.
Oscar seems to be a real funny guy. I am glad that you are enjoying him.

Agnes B Bullock said...

Great news about the kennel cough!!!

Lorenza said...

I am sure everything is going to be normal pretty soon!
Take care
Kisses and hugs


So glade that everybody is doing better. Oscar sure seems like a fun baby. Did I read correcct? 3 dogs?

Come over when you can and check out all the dachsies from Saturday.


Ruby and Penny said...

We're glad you dogs are feeling a little better.
We want to see some pictures.
Love Ruby & Penny